Securing bases, protecting troops

Because threats are constant and evolving, force protection needs to be continuous, relentless, and ready to go in any environment. Military clients around the world turn to Rapiscan Systems’ multi-layered security solutions to identify potential dangers and prevent damage.

All Rapiscan Systems technologies are backed by our global training, maintenance, and support network. Wherever your mission takes you, Rapiscan Systems is there.

Rugged equipment stands up to multiple challenges

Rapiscan Systems delivers the strength, versatility, and effectiveness military environments demand. We can equip you with fully weatherproof, multi-zone walk-through metal detectors that perform in harsh climates and remote locations, from tundras to tropics to scorching deserts.

Versatile systems secure checkpoints and safeguard soldiers

Rapiscan Systems understands your need for flexible security solutions. Mobile, portal, gantry, or fixed-site deployment – we configure the right system to get the job done. Our high-resolution people-screeners are easy to move, operate, and maintain. Our baggage inspection systems help assure the parcels brought on base are free from danger, while our scanning technologies give you thorough, quick imaging power to tackle the pervasive threat of improvised explosive devices (IEDs).

Efficient technologies screen vehicles and cargo

A truck approaches a military base checkpoint. Will what’s inside mean danger? Know the answer with Rapiscan Systems’ broad range of non-intrusive inspection technologies for vehicles and containers. Whether you’re looking to detect anomalies in lightly loaded trucks or in heavy loads and dense cargo, Rapiscan Systems has the technology for the job.