• High sensitivity and high throughput

  • Can detect wide range of explosives

  • Analysis time is 13 seconds

  • Easy Maintenance

  • Small footprint, compact size

  • Remote Monitoring

Versatile operator touch screen GUI

Additional substances can be stored in the library

Operator display can be on the left or right side

Built-in printer

Self-Contained Air Collection

Re-engineered and restyled, the EntryScan® 4 is shorter, lighter, and has a dramatically smaller external footprint. While its external footprint has been reduced by 17% the EntryScan® 4 system design preserves all of the internal walk-through space from previous models for maximum comfort. A quick-access side panel puts key components within easy reach for simple, safe maintenance, reducing “ladder” maintenance time by 63 percent. For convenience and flexibility, the operator display console mounts on the right or the left.


  • Touch screen menus with clear graphical user interface.
  • Built-in printer for fast hardcopy results or printing at a later date for use as evidence or for record keeping.
  • Quick analysis and results in as little as 13 seconds.
  • Software upgrades easy to install.
  • Local language options available.

Patented ITMS™ technology increases ion population, enabling detection of microscopic traces of explosives.


  • Can detect a wide range of targeted substances.
  • Semi-permeable membrane excludes dust and dirt and allows continued operation in environments that have high traffic, humidity or contamination.
  • USB keyboard customized to fit in operator control panel.
  • USB Flash disk functionality for fast upload and download.
  • Improved automated, visual/audio prompts with optional use of gates helps control and maintain traffic flow at desired throughput.
  • Versatile operator touch screen can be located on the left or right side of the system.
  • Self-contained, low-noise air system eliminates the need for separate, large air compressor.
  • 10 percent smaller frame and 17 percent footprint reduction from EntryScan® 3 allow for use in a greater variety of settings.
  • 18 percent faster throughput.


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