• Simultaneous detection of explosive and narcotics in eight seconds

  • Non-radioactive ionization source

  • Increased usability, improved operational and detection accuracy

  • Remote monitoring capability via Remote Connect™

  • Push-button, schedulable automated maintenance

Automatic internal calibration

Patented regenerative dryer

Non-radioactive ionization source

Portable & Versatile

Ease of Use


  • Automated internal calibration eliminates cost of purchasing and managing calibration traps.
  • Folding monitor screen automatically shuts off backlight to extend life of display.
  • Regenerative dryer increases uptime and eliminates cost of monthly dryer material replacements.
  • Decreases labor required to initiate and manage maintenance.


  • Simultaneous dual mode detection by using one detector significantly decreases the possibility of mechanical failure associated with two detector systems.
  • Maintains a low, stable humidity level in the detector, allowing for consistent and reliable detection results.
  • Automatically saves test results, preventing deletions.
  • Robust internal solid-state hard drive for reliable data storage.
  • Optional maintenance reminders for all preventive requirements.
  • Advanced diagnostics to ensure maximum availability and performance.


  • Non-radioactive ionization source removes shipping restrictions and licensing requirements.
  • Built in printer for fast hard copy results or printing later.
  • Quick analysis and results in approximately 8 seconds.
  • On-board software keypad and help files.
  • Automated, push-button maintenance can be scheduled.
  • Easily accessible maintenance items.
  • Ability to create custom substance libraries.


  • Results require minimal interpretation, allowing operators to concentrate on sample acquisition.
  • Onboard computer automatically logs all data, including time, date, sample analysis and system status.
  • A comprehensive history of saved data and alarm files can be recalled and printed.


  • Lightweight (28.65 lb/12.99 kg) with built-in handle for easy transport.
  • Internal, one-hour battery allows instrument relocation without shut off, eliminating warmup time.