• Increased screening process throughput

  • Allows Next Item to be Screened, Without Causing Delay

  • Eliminates Conveyor Stop and Continues Screening

  • Improved security by transmitting X-ray image to the manual search operator

  • Screener Redundancy, Training and Supervisory Oversight

Multi-System Support

Intelligent Image Queuing

Compatible with all Rapiscan® Systems BPI machines

Ability to Mark & Annotate Images

Image Archiving

User Interface & Functionality

Increasing Efficiency, Thoughput and Security
The NDS simplifies and improves the throughput of screening procedures and improves the communication between personnel responsible for different yet related tasks. With the NDS, security operations are able to improve the passenger and customer experience, make interoperability between security personnel more convenient and effective, and facilitate management of labor and staffing expenditures.

Comprehensive screening of baggage and parcels in aviation checkpoint, air cargo, customs and other critical infrastructure sites is a requisite in today’s era of security mandates and terrorism risks. At the same time, the management and operations personnel in these environments are constantly struggling to have the most efficient and cost-effective processes in place to minimize negative consequence of the required security screening activities.


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