Customs and Border Protection

Expansive borders, comprehensive control

Rapiscan Systems leads the world in security inspection solutions for customs and border protection. We apply the broadest array of technologies to meet your needs, then support your system with a global service network. The result: security that keeps in what needs to stay in, keeps out what needs to stay out, and efficiently helps you collect customs revenue.

All Rapiscan Systems is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company and our products comply with applicable international safety standards and regulations. Our fully-integrated, all-inclusive solutions go beyond compliance to account for high levels of security needs and customer return on investment.

Single-source simplicity for complex security needs

Need to quickly screen containers at seaports as well as cars at border crossings? Call on Rapiscan Systems for gamma-ray and X-ray imaging technologies. Scanning for explosives and drugs? Our proprietary neutron inspection systems automatically detect narcotics, explosives, and more. These cost-effective solutions reduce the need for time-consuming manual inspections — even for heavy loads and dense cargo.

With Rapiscan Systems, you receive all the components of technologically superior, multi-layer security systems that can be used individually or in combination with each other. For comprehensive customs and border control security, there’s one name that does it all — Rapiscan Systems.

Rugged, portable, weatherproof — we understand your environment

Mountains, deserts, seaports — Rapiscan Systems, as a true global provider, knows national borders can fall within challenging physical environments.

So we design our equipment to withstand temperature extremes, wind, rain, snow, and sand. Our portable systems respond to changing operational demands. Mobile, portal, gantry, and fixed-site deployment configurations — Rapiscan Systems can customize our multi-layer inspection capabilities to meet your needs.

Borders are more than barriers — they’re important sources of revenue

Rapiscan Systems’ wide range of non-intrusive inspection technologies keeps the flow of international trade moving. For example, one of our systems can produce a high-resolution image of a 40-foot container in less than six seconds.

Further, we help make customs cost-effective. Not only will your employees find our equipment easy to learn and use, they’ll spend less time retraining and on repairs because our imaging systems maintain the same user interface.

Rapiscan Systems' USA GSA Contract number is GS-07F-9429G

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