Entry Point Inspection

Rapiscan's baggage and parcel inspection systems are ideal for screening incoming passengers at global ports of entry. With advanced technology, high throughput and low operational costs a thorough checkpoint can be implemented to screen for contraband and potential threats.

Cargo and Vehicle Inspection

There is an increased demand for advanced cargo inspection systems that can efficiently scan cargo whilst moving through ports. Faster scanning speeds mean higher throughput, a huge benefit for shippers and port operators alike. The Rapiscan range of Eagle® inspection solutions; including portal, gantry and mobile systems provide the answer to providing a fully integrated high speed inspection system at today’s ports both now and in the future.

By offering a wide variety of cargo screening methods, the ports of the future will be able to offer the advantages of ease of operation, a small operational footprint and crucially a low lifetime cost of ownership. Our unique inspection systems automatically detect the presence of specific threat materials, such as explosives and drugs. As a result, we are able to tailor cargo and vehicle inspection solutions that meet customer requirements by utilizing our products and technologies either alone or in combination.

Our modular and flexible range of cargo and vehicle inspection products enables us to work with port customers to define a solution that meets their individual inspection requirements all while keeping the total cost of ownership low.

Rapiscan Systems' USA GSA Contract number is GS-07F-9429G

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