Whether you are looking to implement a 100 percent security screening operation or are interested in a multi-layered screening approach, Rapiscan has the cargo-scanning solutions needed to keep potentially hazardous material, narcotics and contraband out of parcels and pallets, while still keeping global trade moving at a brisk pace.

Our scanning technology is also employed at ports of entry around the globe in the leisure travel industry. We screen people and baggage quickly and effectively in situations where throughput rates are on the line. Rapiscan's cargo scanners handle densely packed containers just as quickly, which is essential when perishable products are waiting in the hold.

Integrated solutions

Rapiscan is proud to partner with S2 Global to offer turn-key security solutions for ports of entry in the United States and abroad. Building on our world-class hardware and software scanning solutions, we can design, staff and execute top-notch security plans for our customers.