Trace Detection

Rapiscan® Systems provides versatile, lightweight, easy to use, real-time trace detection solutions for mobile and permanent security screening operations.

Explosives and Narcotics Detection

Advanced screening solutions for fast, effective threat detection

Rapiscan® Systems provides an extensive range of qualified and certified, technology-based solutions to efficiently detect explosives, narcotics and other threats throughout a security infrastructure for passengers screening, cargo screening or critical operation infrastructure at high-risk facilities, governments and law enforcement need.


 Trace Detectors

Improving investigations by detecting narcotics and explosives traces

  • Today, security professionals at nuclear power plants, embassies, transportation facilities, government agencies and other high-risk facilities, are using explosives trace detection to identify and mitigate potential threats. From narcotics to explosives, our advanced technology can be invaluable in detecting threats to the public and vital infrastructure.
  • Advanced trace detection capabilities have proven valuable for more than checkpoint security. This technology can be a critical asset to criminal investigations that often depend on law enforcement’s ability to identify trace amounts of drugs or explosives on people, money or at a crime scene.
  • To make these cutting-edge investigate solutions accessible to law enforcement around the world, Rapiscan® Systems has developed cost-effective tools for fast trace detection, performed directly in the field or at the police station.