Trace Detection

Rapiscan provides versatile, lightweight, easy to use, real-time trace detection solutions for mobile and permanent security screening operations.

A terrorist attack using an explosive device remains a very real possibility in the volatile world we live in. Protecting the general public and armed forces against such threats is a driving goal of law enforcement, defense, transportation, and private security personnel stationed at a variety of mobile and fixed screening environments worldwide. These security professionals can count on Rapiscan for an effective explosives trace detection (ETD) solution – the Rapiscan DETECTRA HX – in their search for hidden bombs and the persons involved in terrorist activities.

Capable of rapid detection and alarming on minute quantities of a wide range of common commercial and homemade explosive materials, the Rapiscan DETECTRA HX complements field security operations. It offers true hand-held and real-time capabilities with fast, accurate, reliable detection and specific identification of threat materials, whether in vapor or particulate form. Lightweight and ergonomic, with a user-friendly interface and unique innovative design features, it is easy to learn, use, and maintain. And with fewer consumables, minimal maintenance and parts replacement, and greater uptime, the total cost of ownership is extremely low, making the Rapiscan DETECTRA HX a great value and excellent choice for your trace detection needs.