Rapiscan Secure 1000 SP

Comprehensive people screening for high throughput applications.
  • TSA Qualified
  • Optimized Checkpoint Throughput
  • Comprehensive Threat Detection

The Secure 1000 SP combines unparalleled threat detection with optimized throughput.

The Secure 1000 SP uses backscatter technology as well as Rapiscan proprietary image processing software and an operator-friendly interface to rapidly and comprehensively screen passengers for a wide range of potential threats including liquids, contraband, ceramics, explosives, narcotics, concealed currency and weapons.


US TSA Qualification: The US TSA has tested, evaluated and qualified the Secure 1000 SP in aviation checkpoints. The Secure 1000 SP complies with U.S. and international health, safety and privacy requirements.

Front and Back Scanning for Comprehensive Threat Detection: The Secure 1000 SP generates a front and back scan simultaneously, which eliminates blind spots and potential opportunities for concealment, thereby increasing checkpoint security.

Advanced Imaging Detects Range of Threats: The Secure 1000 SP can detect small objects and threats concealed on a passenger. It can detect organic and inorganic threats, metals and non-metallic objects. With one system, customers can detect concealed liquids, ceramics, weapons, plastic explosives, narcotics, metals, contraband, currency etc.

Single Pose Configuration Streamlines Checkpoint Operations: Because the Secure 1000 SP requires only one pose with no additional movement by the passenger, a full scan can be completed in seconds, thereby streamlining checkpoint operations and improving passenger satisfaction.

Technology Overview

How Does a Secure 1000 Work?
The Secure 1000 bounces very low dose of x-rays off of a person to generate an image. This image is then analyzed by an operator to identify concealed potential threats.

The United States Department of Homeland Security has certified the Rapiscan Secure 1000 as an approved product for homeland security.
Please visit www.safetyact.gov for more information.

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