• Scalable
  • Configurable
  • Flexible

Rapiscan Systems Network X-ray Management and Automation System (NEXlink™) is an innovative, integrated hardware and software platform that allows a security site to network one or more Baggage and Parcel Inspection (BPI) 600 series advanced X-ray screening systems with a series of remote Workstations at various Screening Levels.
Designed for the integration of a combination of both single and dual view X-ray scanners with various tunnel sizes, NEXlink™ provides a multi-layered management system that is capable of managing and transmitting data and images from all networked scanners to corresponding Remote Screening Workstations used for review and decision on images.
Key benefits include a reduction in required screening staff and an improvement in throughput for aviation, air cargo, customs and other security screening applications.
The fully flexible NEXlink™ system allows configuration to each individual needs for each customer application and design.

Scalable No. of remote Screening Workstations and No. of Scanners.
Remote image viewing Screeners focus on threat resolution only
Automatic interface with Baggage Handling System on Screening decisions
Configurable to manage combination of single view and dual view Scanners
Configurable to manage combination of various tunnel size Scanners

Decrease labor/staffing costs
Improve security
Increase passenger /package throughput
Decrease total cost of ownership
Increase passenger /customer convenience

With continual development of our products Rapiscan Systems reserves the right to amend specifications without notice. Product pictures are for general reference. Please note that due to US laws and regulations, not all Rapiscan products are available for sale in all countries without restriction. Please contact your Rapiscan Systems sales representative for more information.