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Powerful, safe, convenient and effective, Reality+ delivers all the benefits of direct, in-person training with none of the drawbacks. Powered by Microsoft’s latest Hololens technology, it transforms traditional instruction by presenting instructor-controlled animated 3D graphics controlled by the instructor for a rich and immersive experience.

With Reality+ by Rapiscan Systems, every lesson is more ‘show’ than ‘tell’. Even the most complex equipment can be explored clearly and in-depth, at a pace which suits everyone. It means deeper comprehension and superior retention. Put simply, it makes learning easy.

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Reality+ elevates training and support to a whole new level, removing the barrier between trainer and students, or between the engineer and the support team. A rich mixture of animated graphics and text displayed on a vizor and controlled with pinch, zoom, and swipe hand gestures, makes instruction easy, clear and memorable, even for the most technical subjects.


The deeply immersive experience provided by Reality+ brings learning to life and aids subject matter retention. Each trainee sees exactly what the instructor is seeing. Ad hoc questions can be fully explored with multiple layers of 3D graphics.


Some environments are inherently dangerous. Even small crowds can present significant challenges. The immersive training experience delivered by Reality+ gives everyone a front row seat from the safety and comfort of their workplace or home office.


Reality+ eliminates the logistical challenges posed by other training regimes. There’s no need to travel anywhere - just enrol, log on and get started. Travel and accommodation costs are eliminated and no one misses out. 


Explosives. Narcotics. Weapons. Radiation. These are some of the things our customers need to detect 24/7. Not just on people, but from the smallest parcel right through to the largest cargo aircraft. If it’s there – even just a trace – you can detect it with one of our scanners.

Of course, even the best technology means nothing if you don’t know how to operate it or if it goes wrong. And that lesson was driven home hard to everyone when international reaction to the global spread of Covid-19 imposed strict limits on travel and gatherings of people.

Like others, we adapted. In our case, we developed Reality+ - a new approach to training and support that’s even more effective than traditional approaches. Reality+ harnesses the power of Microsoft’s advanced Hololens technology to provide remote training and support which protects our staff and yours in an immersive and memorable experience. That’s just one benefit.

Mixed reality is the combination of actual and virtual or augmented reality to give instructors, trainees and support engineers on-demand access to information about the equipment that is being examined or discussed. The wearer can drill down to the finest detail at any time without the need to consult a manual. Here’s how it works.

In simple terms, an instructor or support engineer dons a headset which has an unobtrusive, clear vizor at the front. The vizor is used to display additional layers of information through graphics, animations and text to help the wearer understand and discuss what he or she is looking at.

To load these layers of information, the wearer simply scans a QR code to access the appropriate module. The visuals that are displayed on the vizor are combined with video and audio streams and broadcast to members of the audience in real-time. In other words, they experience exactly what the instructor or engineer is saying and seeing. 

"The only way to measure training is by how much knowledge is retained by the student. Reality+ brings everything to life. It’s immersive. It’s memorable." 

Brian Reid

Global Director, Training and Education



Reality+ in a training environment makes knowledge stick. Once the training module has been loaded the instructor selects and manipulates the 3D images with familiar hand gestures such as pinch, zoom, and swipe, making it easy to explain even the most complex subjects. The zoom feature gives the trainer and the trainees close-up views where needed, making it ideal for discussing small or complicated equipment. 

Trainees see and experience everything that the instructor is seeing, whether it is real or virtual or both at the same time. It’s an unforgettable experience.

Reality+ makes it cost-effective for you to have more individuals trained and certified than would otherwise be feasible due to logistical or budgetary concerns. There’s no need to conduct training in a difficult or potentially dangerous environment and everyone stays safe and alert. There’s no compromise on class sizes either. Reality+ gives everyone a front row seat, bringing clarity to complex details and abstract concepts. Put simply, learning comes to life.

Empower and educate broader teams 

Reality+ delivers far more than anything that’s possible with an ordinary videoconferencing solution. And it’s much more engaging than group sessions where natural shyness can inhibit some people from fully participating. The immersive, mixed reality experience puts everyone in the audience front and center, engaged and ready to contribute. 

The instructor can be in any geographical location and so can each trainee. Large classes can be effortlessly managed, and last-minute enrolments are no longer a problem. With Reality+, everyone can join in.

Reach and engage your hybrid workforce

Reality+ is ideal for the hybrid workforce where the emphasis is on minimal unnecessary contact with other people. And there’s no need for anyone to wear stuffy face masks or worry about ventilation and airflow. Our remote, instructor-led training gives everyone an in-depth, in-person experience without the worry of social distancing or concerns about covid or other infectious diseases.

By delivering training remotely, time zone conflicts and last minute absences are easy to manage, too. We simply record the session and make it available for the learner to replay when it it’s more convenient.

Make your training budget stretch further

Travel expenses. Meals. Accommodation. Sending people on a training course is always expensive. Even on the rare occasions that the training is local, extended absences from work come with a significant overhead. Reality+ cuts through all of that.

With Reality+ by Rapiscan Systems we can train multiple delegates from different locations all at the same time. All they have to do is log on from their PC, laptop or even a tablet to take part in an immersive, in-depth experience.

"Reality+ gives our engineers real-time access to our entire knowledge base. In effect, we’re not just sending one engineer – we’re sending our entire support department." 

Noe Jimenez

Service Training Supervisor


Reality+ isn’t just for training. An engineer can use it to transmit information overlaid with additional virtual imagery and data to a support team back at HQ. Discussions happen in real-time; everyone works with the same set of information, and problems are solved more quickly and with less effort.

Even with new products, for which there are potentially fewer, fully-trained support engineers, we can extend our technical know-how to wherever it is needed, reducing fix times and keeping you up and running without driving up costs.


It doesn’t matter that there is a global pandemic. It doesn’t matter if there is some other, as yet unknown catastrophe. The simple fact is that our scanning technology is mission-critical and our customers need to be able to use it correctly and safely, whatever the challenge. And that’s what Reality+ delivers.


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