A compact system for easy installation to help improve throughput & increase security at various venues.
  • Increases security
  • Faster throughput
  • Easy installation
  • No lifting of x-ray required
  • Any x-ray can be used
  • Less staff tray handling

TRS® CHECK is designed to provide tray return capabilities traditionally found in larger more expensive systems, to offer ease of throughput by people being screened at venues such as Train Stations, Sports Stadiums, Festivals, Embassies and other locations where security checks are required.

TRS® CHECK simply connects to a screening system to provide a solution that reduces staff tray handling allowing more time to focus on the people being screened and the security operations.

No lifting of the X-Ray is required and the TRS® CHECK can be easily wheeled into place for easy installation.

The system can use either the provided trays or manually manage larger pieces of baggage, backpacks, briefcases etc.

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