• Accurate Measurement of Magnetic Material

  • Instant Analysis

  • Reliable

  • Cost Effective

Maximum Error 0.4% Of The Measurement Range (The Result Can Be As Good As 0.1%)

Analysis Time Roughly One Minute

Powder, Granular Or Solid Samples Used For The Measurement

Stabilized For Voltage And Temperature

The Satmagan was designed especially to measure magnetite in iron ore concentrations. It can be used in various applications:

  • Analysis of magnetite in iron ores, concentrates and tailings.
  • Control of copper and nickel smelting by analyzing magnetite and other ferromagnetic oxides in slag.
  • Determination of martensite or ferrite in austenitic steels.
  • Determination retained austenite in steels.
  • Control of magnetizing roasting.
  • Control of oxidizing roasting of carbonate ores.
  • Controlling the heat hardening of pellets.
  • Control of iron ore sintering.

Materials for Analyses
Magnetite and magnetic iron can be analyzed. The sample can contain only one magnetic component, or have one component with a dominant concentration and/or specific magnetic moment.

Type of Sample
Powder, granular or solid samples maximum volume of sample 1.2 cu cm (0.073 cu inch) recommended sample size: sample container filled up grain size: An average grain size greater than 150um (100 mesh) does not disturb the measurements. For finer materials, the Satmagan gives slightly lower readings, so a different calibration curve is required.

The Range of Measurement
Fine Range: 0 to 100 % by magnetite weight .
Course Range: 0 to 200 % by magnetite weight for stronger magnetic materials.