A high sensitivity walk-through radiation portal monitor to automatically scan pedestrian traffic for radioactive materials.
  • High Sensitivity Portal Monitor
  • Continuously Scan Moving Pedestrians
  • Gamma and Neutron Radiation Detection Options
  • Fast, Seamless Integration

The TSA PM700 automatically scans pedestrian traffic without the need for frequent calibration. They are intended for applications where the relatively low energy emissions from 235U and 239Pu are the main concern. They are currently in use at uranium enrichment plants, weapons manufacturing plants, weapons storage sites, nuclear laboratories, nuclear waste disposal and storage sites where detection of Special Nuclear Materials (SNM) is essential.

Advanced Design Features
The TSA PM700 monitor is a stand-alone pedestrian radiation portal monitor (RPM) with excellent sensitivity and reliability. The PM700 large detectors and unique detection algorithm improve its performance to the point that it can achieve ASTM Standard C 1169 Category III* sensitivity for SNM. All of the essential components are contained in the pillars; radiation detectors, controller, and occupancy detector. The system operates from an internal battery. The battery is constantly charged from the site’s AC line during normal operation. In the event of a power outage, the battery permits continued operation for at least 12 hours.

Programmable Detection Parameters
Selectable settings for sensitivity, energy discrimination, and fault levels may be entered by the administrator.

After the initial site preparation is completed, the system can be installed and operating in less than an hour. When the system is powered up, it acquires an initial background count typically within 20 seconds. The background count is continually updated until the system is occupied. When the monitor senses occupancy, the system starts comparing the current count with the most recent background data. Alarm comparisons are made every 200ms. If the count exceeds the alarm level, both audible and visual alarms will be triggered. The system monitors itself and indicates low and high background conditions.

Flexible Detection Options
The TSA PM700 is available in three configurations; Gamma, Neutron or a combination of Gamma and Neutron detection. Gamma provides detection of ionizing radiation and Neutron provides detection of Special Nuclear Materials (SNM) while the combined Gamma and Neutron provides the most powerful detection capabilities for radioactive isotopes even in shielded materials.

Interface Options
With the optional Remote Alarm Panel operators can view alarms up to 300m from the monitor. The TSA PM700 is compatible with TSA RAVEN™ communications software designed to both capture and view data and video images relating to a radiological detection incident.

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