Radiation Detection

Rapiscan Radiation Detection systems and software locate radiation sources in cargo, bags, parcels, and on personnel.

Rapiscan’s Radiation Detection product line addresses the need for global governments and organizations to monitor and locate rogue radiation sources. The product line is comprised of software based and hardware based solutions – and can be integrated with Rapiscan’s X-ray based threat detection solutions.

Rapiscan Auto-Z™ Radiation Detection Software for Cargo and Vehicle Inspection

Auto-Z™ is a patent-pending detection and image analysis software solution that helps operators of Rapiscan Eagle® cargo and vehicle inspection systems identify high density fissile or shielding materials such as uranium, lead or tungsten. These materials are associated with the presence of threats of mass destruction. Auto-Z™ software is available on the Rapiscan Eagle M60 with Material Separation option. Auto-Z has been deployed for use at customs and border entry points.

Rapiscan TSA RAVEN™ Monitoring and Control Software

Rapiscan Systems' TSA RAVEN (for Radiation Alarm and Video Event Notification) management software is a proprietary solution that allows customers to capture and remotely view data and video images relating to a radiological detection incident from multiple radiation detection devices.  The centralized monitoring software acts as a nerve center for Rapiscan TSA monitoring systems installed at any given facility.

Rapiscan TSA Radiation Monitors for Personnel, Cargo, Bags and Parcels

Rapiscan's radiation detection equipment includes a bigger and more comprehensive selection of radiation monitors than any other leading security screening company.  Whether the requirement calls for the screening of sea-borne or air cargo containers, personnel as they cross borders or go-through a security checkpoint, or the screening of cars, trucks and others vehicles – Rapiscan Systems has a range of proven solutions for our customers. 

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Rapiscan Systems' USA GSA Contract number is GS-07F-9429G

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