July 2, 2021

Overcoming Pandemic Challenges

The global Coronavirus pandemic has caused challenges for businesses all over the world, and disrupted projects, logistics, business travel routes and training opportunities that were previously taken for granted. Through challenge, though, also comes opportunity. Advances in, and increased availability of, technology such as video calling or mobile file sharing solutions have allowed businesses to meet the challenges presented by the pandemic head on.

Security screening and detection technology expert Rapiscan Systems® was faced with a considerable logistical challenge due to the travel and work restrictions imposed by governments in the UK and US. Rapiscan had planned to support its client, an international express mail and logistics provider, by installing two RTT®110 high-speed Computed Tomography Explosive Detection System (EDS) units at one of the clients’ main US processing facilities.

The RTT110 is the next generation of high speed hold baggage and fast parcel screening technology. The RTT110’s stationary gantry, industry leading high-quality full volumetric CT imagery and advanced detection algorithms, alongside multiple layers of network redundancy, support end users with fast, accurate threat detection and system availability. The RTT110 has been approved by the UK Department for Transportation (DfT), EU ECAC Standard and the US TSA Air Cargo approved list. 

The Challenge

The challenge was twofold, resulting from this being the first installation of the RTT110 that the US team had undertaken, and the first installation of the RTT110 with a unit shroud for a commercial customer. Under traditional conditions, this would involve UK team members with RTT installation experience flying out to the US to assist, and for the US team to fly to the Rapiscan UK HQ in Salfords, Redhill to undertake face to face training. Obviously due to the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic, this was not possible – so teams on both sides of the pond needed to get creative with a solution. 

The Solution

Once the Rapiscan team had taken time to understand the concept and scope of work the customer wanted to achieve, they reviewed the potential communication, training, timeframe, scheduling and logistical challenges that needed to be bridged. As with many companies globally, technology provided the answer to many of these snag points.

Instead of flying US engineers to the UK for face to face training, an initial online training course was held, allowing UK specialist trainers to engage with US technicians and familiarize them fully with the RTT110. This was reinforced by hands-on training from technical specialist Aaron Boss, a member of the UK team who had relocated to the US pre-pandemic to support operations stateside. Once the situation allows, this initial training will be followed up by in-class sessions, but it was comprehensive enough to allow the installation to take place successfully. 

Once the installation was underway, the US team used video calling software (often from mobile devices) to communicate with the UK team in order to raise queries or negotiate any possible engineering changes or adaptations needed installing the RTT110 in order to integrate seamlessly to the end-user’s workflow and systems. This involved a great deal of flexibility from the teams on both sides of the Atlantic, with staff working early mornings US side and late evenings in the UK to ensure lines of communication were open when needed.

The ‘global solution’ not only involved cooperation between UK and US teams. PLC engineers in the Middle East were on-hand during the final testing and integration phase of the project. Working through Aaron as a go-between, and directly logging into his computer remotely, engineers were able to test connections, networks, system functionality and work with on-site integrators to ensure the system architecture was in place and thoroughly tested before launch.

The result

The desired outcome for Rapiscan was customer satisfaction – providing a flexible solution to the challenges the project faced that leveraged the experience of the UK and US teams to ensure a successful installation. Customer feedback confirmed not just that they were pleased with the end result of the installation, but also impressed with Rapiscan’s flexibility in working through adversity and the team’s strong system knowledge. 

For Rapiscan itself, the project provided a valuable learning opportunity that may not have otherwise been available, and has led to changes to how Rapiscan is able to engage with product installations. The huge amount of cross-departmental and global support has opened up workflows, with the US team sharing its experiences and knowledge with teams in the UK and worldwide. Use of technology, like video conferencing and online training, may now be part of Rapiscan’s installation processes going forward, and the US team’s experience installing RTT110 unit shrouds has allowed them to take this procedure ‘in house’ – something that was previously contracted out, allowing a more complete installation offering to be performed.

Perhaps the most considerable proof of Rapiscan’s flexibility and success in meeting the challenges of the global pandemic head on is that the company has since undertaken similar RTT110 installations across the United States, from Miami to Philadelphia, for this client and other globally recognized express mail and logistics firms. Through leveraging experience, skill sharing and flexibly embracing new ways of working with technology, Rapiscan ensured its business opportunities were not ‘left on mute’





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