• Detects Areas of High Density

  • Detection for large cargo SCREENING SYSTEMS

  • Increases visibility to highly dense areas

  • Improved security to identify explosives and other contraband

  • Increased throughput by accelerating screening

Alerts detection of highly dense objects

Highly visible on-screen highlighting of dense areas

Real time detection without the need to stop the conveyor

Simultaneous functionality with TIP, Target and NARCScan

Available on 627DV, 632DV and 638DV.

DARC Alarm Principle
DARC Alarm is a feature enhancement for the detection of opaque threats. Generally, opaque threats represent dense areas in the energy (high/low) graph. The detection criteria are made up of the energy threshold and its size, which can be adjusted in the operation. To better manage opaque threat detection, DARC Alarm feature is implemented, which provides the user with ways to control how opaque threats are detected and displayed. The thresholds for DARC Alarm can be configured by an administrator or supervisor to ensure compliance in the specific region where the system is operated.

DARC Alarm is available as an option on the baggage and parcel inspection X-ray systems 627DV, 632DV and 638DV dual view scanners. In dual view systems, the DARC Alarm feature is able to highlight the area in both horizontal and perpendicular views.