Hold Baggage Screening

With millions of bags flowing through airport security and border crossings every single day, hold baggage screening devices have to comply with global threat detection standards without impacting throughput. Rapiscan's hold baggage screening solutions offer some of the most innovative scanning technology; they also comply with European and American threat detection standards.

Our systems offer speed, with the capability of screening up to 1,800 bags per hour, and the flexibility to configure for different types of screening set-ups. Our high-quality imaging and intuitive software help resolve alarms quickly and effectively.

We've also revolutionized Computed Tomography (CT) technology found in hospitals and medical offices to bring our customers the next generation in explosives detection systems (EDS). We're proud of our Rapiscan Real Time Tomography (RTT) scanners that combine high speed, high resolution and low false alarms and show detailed 3D images of baggage. 

Multi-view X-ray

Hold baggage screening has to be efficient and incredibly accurate to service the gatekeepers of today's borders. Rapiscan’s multi-view X-ray scanner offers tailored installation and still meets rigorous ECAC and TSA standards.

Real Time Tomography

Until the Real Time Tomography (RTT) solutions were designed, aviation baggage screening systems were either fast and general (X-ray) or slow and detailed (CT). Rapiscan's RTT scanning solutions take the best of both solutions and improve it even further. The scanners are capable of screening between 1,500 and 1,800 bags per hour while accurately detecting threats (including LEDs) via detailed 3D images.