Rapiscan Eagle® R90

  • Rapiscan Eagle® R90 – Rail Cargo scanner with a 9 MeV X-ray imaging system
  • Bi-direction inspection options
  • Designed for multiple track inspection
  • Material separation capability
  • Safety systems ensure only cargo is scanned

Rapiscan Eagle® R90 Rail Scanner delivers high-quality X-ray imaging in a high-throughput operation.

Cargo on rail cars is safely screened as the cars continuously move past the scanner at speeds of 2-15 km/hr

The Eagle® Rail scanners’ ability to rapidly scan rail cars, including cargo containers transported on rail cars, supports high inspection throughput at sites, such as seaports and border crossings.

The systems are designed to scan all types of non passenger rail freight from cargo containers, double-stacked containers and two 20- foot containers on rail cars.

The Rapiscan Eagle® R90 solutions are individually tailored around the needs of each location; they can be supplied for single or multi track application and for single or bi-directional inspection.

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