04 Jul 2015

The Future of Checkpoint Security: The Integrated Solution

CCTV -- check. Radiation detection -- check. Remote operations -- check. Non-intrusion inspection technology -- check. And the list goes on.

Modern security checkpoints encompass multiple, complementary pieces of security technology, often built and sold by different manufacturers and vendors. Whether you are designing for military installations, border crossings, or global port of entry, for those tasked with setting up a checkpoint the assignment can be rather daunting -- particularly in today’s security environment of constantly changing protocols, mandates, equipment, and threats. Between selecting the latest necessary technology and ensuring it integrates with existing systems, it’s enough to make the head of even the most adept security professional spin.

In the immediate aftermath of 9/11, the natural instinct of some aviation experts was to begin checking off the different equipment needed. Rather than looking at security holistically, they instead grouped specific solutions or technologies into buckets -- one for CCTV and video, one for screening technologies, one for access control, and so on. Unfortunately, that strategy won’t cut it against today’s threat landscape.

Read the full article online at Government Security News.

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