01 Apr 2016

Rapiscan Technology Advances the Nuclear Security Summit Agenda

Radiation Detection Technology Advances the Nuclear Security Summit

Nuclear terrorism is a real threat. This week, Washington, DC is hosting the 2016 Nuclear Security Summit, which brings together world leaders from more than 50 countries, hundreds of CEOs, industry leaders, and international organizations to show the highest levels of commitment to nuclear security ( There is global concern because today’s terrorists do not need special nuclear materials, such as uranium and plutonium, to create chaos. A small quantity of radioactive material that is routinely and safely employed in medical and industrial applications can cause significant radiation contamination to a wide area when part of a dirty bomb. Additionally, for the metal recycling industry and general public, a major risk is contamination by “orphan” radioactive sources, which could become mixed with scrap metal resulting in radioactive products that can cause significant economic damage and public health concerns. Rapiscan Systems radiation detection products are valuable tools to counter these types of threats (

Rapiscan has solutions. Rapiscan’s broad range of radiation detection products meets the technical and operational requirements of our customers’ radiation inspection applications. Radiation monitors are easily networked and remotely managed with Rapiscan’s TSA RAVEN™ (Radiation Alarm and Video Event Notification) communications software, which collects, displays, and archives data and CCTV video images required to support the response to radiation alarms. The versatile product line can be combined with other Rapiscan security screening products to deliver a multilayered, fully integrated solution that provides additional security without increasing the footprint or personnel requirements of a checkpoint.

Rapiscan is a proven industry leader. Whether the requirement calls for the scanning of sea-borne or air cargo containers, personnel as they cross borders or pass through a security checkpoint, or the scanning of cars, trucks and other vehicles, Rapiscan has a range of proven solutions for our customers. Our equipment is also deployed at nuclear power plants, laboratories, and government buildings for security and can be used to find radioactive material in the metal processing and recycling industries for safety. Additionally, transportable radiation monitors support military missions and law enforcement applications at public gatherings, such as political events, sporting contests, and concerts. Rapiscan’s radiation detection systems enhance security and counter smuggling of radioactive material, which advances the Nuclear Security Summit agenda.


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