04 Jul 2015

Next-gen Checkpoints: Integrating Data for Insights, Efficiencies

Today’s security screening practices and systems – whether at airports or entrances to government facilities – get the job done, but not without a great cost to operators, authorities and those passing through today’s growing number of checkpoints.

Given a security threat climate that continues to worsen, together with the public’s growing dissatisfaction with wait times and intrusive screening measures, the current model for security is not sustainable into the future.

However, agencies need look no further than equipment already in place at checkpoints to help increase efficiency.

Checkpoints at  event venues, border crossings and other security boundaries generate a massive amount of data every day.  And when  systems and solutions at these checkpoints are integrated, this wealth of information can provide tremendous value in both cost savings and increased efficiency. The problem is that much of the data that is collected ends up sitting in silos – providing limited strategic value to agencies.

Governing agencies and organizations need to integrate their systems – from X-ray machines to passenger and cargo manifests – and store the accumulated data centrally so that real-time decisions can be made and performance advantages realized. 

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