26 Apr 2023

API now available for the Development of Open Architecture-Based screening solutions

Brussels - The European Organisation for Security (EOS) today announces that the members of the EOS Open Architecture Study Group have released a Standard Application Programming Interface (API) for development of Open Architecture (OA)-based screening solutions.

The API is designed to facilitate the exchange of DICOS* x-ray images and related data between operational screening devices for image analysis and display of screening results. It supports real -time streaming and is non-proprietary.

The API is now available for comment by stakeholders and further development with technology partners through several agreed use cases.

The initial release of the API will be to the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and EOS Security Screening and Detection Working Group (SSDWG) members and associates - other interested 3rd parties should apply for access through the link to the working group above; this will allow continuing development of the interface as well as their own capability, within an OA framework.

The next step is to deploy the API in the use cases identified by EOS - checkpoint solutions incorporating 3rd party providers of Centralised Image Processing (CIP), detection algorithms and additional screening e.g. a diffraction device. The first application will involve OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) screening devices exchanging and displaying DICOS images in a CIP 'proof of concept'. The aim is to complete this by the end of 2023.

Further use cases including hold baggage screening are also an option.

The API has been developed following the release of the Open Architecture (OA) paper by the Airports Council International: 1st Edition of Open Architecture for Airport Security Systems published July 2020.The members of the EOS Security Screening and Detection Working Group (SSDWG) have since then been working with the aviation industry to identify and address challenges to delivering the OA vision described in the paper and ensuring the potential benefits are achieved.

This activity addressed three main areas –

  • technical
  • testing, certification and security
  • commercial, liability and intellectual property
  • The results will be incorporated in Version 2 of the OA document due for release later this year.

    The technical development along with the on-going collaboration underlines the commitment and expertise within the OEM community in addressing these challenges to implement responsible OA within aviation security and other applications, globally.


*DICOS - Digital Imaging and Communications In Security is a standard file format for sharing images from any security X-ray imaging system as well as data associated with those images.

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