Rapiscan Systems RTT®110 and Itemiser®4DX named Platinum Winners of GSN Homeland Security Awards

January 24, 2018

We are excited to announce that two of our advanced detection solutions have been selected as Platinum Winners in the 9th annual Government Security News (GSN) Homeland Security Awards! The class-leading RTT®110 won in the Best Explosives Detection Product category and the Itemiser®4DX was chosen as a winner in the Best Chemical Detection Product category. These solutions have both made a significant impact in keeping aviation secure, and we're proud to offer them as part of our extensive security portfolio.


ITEMISER® 4DX Dual-Mode Trace Detector

The arsenal of explosives used by terrorists has expanded far beyond substances that are easily detected by traditional, single-mode Ion Mobility Spectrometry (ITMS™) technology. It’s critical that defense agencies implement measures that will combat these evolving threats – and Rapiscan Systems Itemiser® 4DX is making a significant impact. 

The portable, desktop solution is a superior defense against these threats, wherever they arise, because of its unique composition which includes a non-radioactive ionization source and simultaneous dual-mode detection technology. These features enable unparalleled identification of a broad range of threat explosives and narcotics. The advanced patented technology used to identify these trace substances delivers outstanding detection accuracy and rapid results in as little as eight seconds. 

To promote enhanced usability, the system comes equipped with RemoteConnect™, enabling users to securely command and monitor several Itemiser® 4DX systems from a centralized network location. This software application also provides real-time analysis of system health and seamless storing and retrieval of data.

Itemiser® 4DX fills a massive need in the homeland security industry, as evidenced by exceeding more than 2,500 units sold since the introduction of the system in 2015. 

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RTT®110 Standard 3 Explosive Detection System

Everyday security experts around the world identify new threats to public safety, making it increasingly challenging for government agencies to secure borders and checkpoints.

For many years our airports have been protected by the use of X-ray machines, in the case of checked baggage by a technology called Computed Tomography (CT).  However, this technology limits the number of views that can be captured and used for both automated and manual detection of explosives.  Security agencies are starting to leverage the best available technology, enabling them to not only capture better images but to identify a wider range of explosives and potentially dangerous materials more quickly. 

In accordance with U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA), European Commission (EC) regulations, and incorporating the most innovative explosive detection technology on the market today, Rapiscan® Systems developed, patented and manufactures high-speed baggage and parcel X-ray scanners which use Real Time Tomography (RTT®). With a unique combination of speed, automation, and superior scanning technology, this system is unparalleled as a defense against explosives and dangerous goods. 

Unlike other EDS solutions, RTT®110 has a unique stationary gantry, which supports higher-quality 2D and 3D imaging.  As a result of this advanced technology, 98% of level 1 decisions are made before the baggage or parcel exits the system during the screening process.

RTT®110 is also making the parcel industry safer. With the exponential growth of online shopping, millions are parcels are shipped each year.  In addition to explosives detection the RTT®110 is able to screen for dangerous goods, which if allowed on to the plane would pose a serious safety hazard.  

The RTT®110 has the capability to face current threats and a modular design that enables flexibility to meet security needs of the future.

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