From Bigfoot to Ballerina: Compressing the Border Checkpoint’s Footprint

March 05, 2013

There are many positive things to say about the current state of border security, especially when it comes to checkpoints.  Emerging technologies have made it even easier to detect potential threats and contraband, while integration with external information systems and logistics networks allows customs and border protection personnel from around the world to easily take a “layered” approach when it comes to securing their nation.

One thing that you’ll never hear a checkpoint called, however, is petite.  The sheer amount of technology needed to properly detect threats and contraband coupled with the space needed for cargo and vehicle screening means that checkpoints are often sprawling, congested affairs.  And this is not even taking into account the room required for operators and enforcement officers to their jobs.  To put it bluntly, checkpoints could stand to lose a few pounds. 

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