Rapiscan Systems offers GaRDS™ Gamma-ray systems designed to meet the full range of cargo inspection applications.

GaRDS systems have an intrinsically lower radiation field when compared to equivalent X-ray systems. This provides a smaller operational area and exclusion safety zone. The GaRDS Gamma-ray technology requires less maintenance and lower cost of ownership than equivalent X-ray systems. The GaRDS product family is designed to detect hidden contraband, including weapons, explosives, weapons of mass destruction, drugs, and undeclared goods. These GaRDS systems meet applicable US and international radiation safety standards.

Mobile Systems: The GaRDS Mobile provides the greatest operational versatility and allows scanning of stationary or moving cargo and vehicles.

Gantry Systems: The relocatable GaRDS Gantry provides complete inspection of stationary and unmanned vehicles, cargo and palletized materials in a cost effective configuration.

Portal Systems: High inspection throughput is achieved with the fully automated GaRDS Portal system. The portal technology is available as a drive-through or railcar system.

Rapiscan Systems' USA GSA Contract number is GS-07F-9429G

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