Rapiscan Eagle® M45

4.5 MV X-ray imaging with multiple scan modes, flexible inspection at any location.
  • Inspect at Any Location with a Mobile Scanner
  • Inspect Dense Cargo with Powerful 4.5 MV X-ray Imaging
  • Multiple Scan Modes Provide Operational Flexibility

The 4.5 MV Eagle® M45 is ready to inspect cargo and vehicles wherever and whenever you need to.

A 4.5 MV X-ray imaging system – the Eagle M45’s 4.5 MV X-ray imaging system achieves high penetration to inspect dense cargo while reducing the size of its operational area.

Drive-through scan mode options – for high throughput applications

Large object scanning option - capable of scanning of objects up to 5 m tall

The Rapiscan Eagle M45 offers superior imaging, robust standard features and advanced options that make it the most user-friendly and flexible mobile system in its class.

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