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Explosives and Narcotics Detection

Advanced screening solutions for fast, effective threat detection

Rapiscan® Systems provides an extensive range of qualified and certified, technology-based solutions to efficiently detect explosives, narcotics and other threats throughout a security infrastructure for passengers screening, cargo screening or critical operation infrastructure at high-risk facilities, governments and law enforcement need.


 Trace Detectors

Improving investigations by detecting narcotics and explosives traces

  • Today, security professionals at nuclear power plants, embassies, transportation facilities, government agencies and other high-risk facilities, are using explosives trace detection to identify and mitigate potential threats. From narcotics to explosives, our advanced technology can be invaluable in detecting threats to the public and vital infrastructure.
  • Advanced trace detection capabilities have proven valuable for more than checkpoint security. This technology can be a critical asset to criminal investigations that often depend on law enforcement’s ability to identify trace amounts of drugs or explosives on people, money or at a crime scene.
  • To make these cutting-edge investigate solutions accessible to law enforcement around the world, Rapiscan® Systems has developed cost-effective tools for fast trace detection, performed directly in the field or at the police station.

Nuclear terrorism is a real threat.

The danger of a terrorist acquiring nuclear materials is one of the most urgent and serious threats to global security. In fact, in the last two decades almost 2,500 incidents of trafficking radioactive material have been reported to the International Atomic Energy Agency(IAEA) by member states. 

Today’s terrorists don’t need special nuclear materials, such as uranium and plutonium, to create chaos. A small quantity of radioactive material that is routinely and safely employed in medical and industrial applications can cause significant radiation contamination to a wide area when part of a dirty bomb. 

Rapiscan has solutions.

Rapiscan’s broad range of radiation detection products meets the technical and operational requirements of our customers’ radiation inspection applications. At government and corporate buildings, postal facilities, military zones, seaports, airports, and border crossings, Rapiscan radiation monitors are working every day to help detect threat materials as they are moved by people, baggage, cargo, and vehicles. The versatile product line can be combined with other Rapiscan security screening products to deliver a multilayered, fully integrated solution.

With more than 30 years experience and over 4,000 Rapiscan radiation detection products deployed in more than 50 countries, Rapiscan is a proven industry leader.

Conveyor Monitors

Rapiscan’s conveyor monitors allow for the seamless screening of baggage, boxes, or packages for radioactive materials without impeding throughput.

Handheld and Transportable Monitors

Rapiscan’s handheld and transportable monitors are lightweight with a long battery life and are perfect for screening people or vehicles, as well as for covert inspection situations.

Mobile Monitors

Rapiscan’s mobile detection system provides covert stationary or drive-by scanning and includes cameras and TSA RAVEN communications software.

Pedestrian Monitors

Rapiscan’s pedestrian monitors allow for the continuous screening of moving people, are often easy to relocate, and can even be ruggedized for outdoor installations.

Transportation Monitors

Rapiscan’s vehicle and train monitors are capable of screening moving conveyances and cargo without slowing down throughput and traffic at security control points.

Waste Monitors

Rapiscan’s waste monitors can scan materials from waste operations and building decommissioning activities to safely identify contaminated items and improperly disposed of radioactive material.

User Interfaces

Rapiscan offers the option to connect its radiation detection products to various user interfaces to facilitate inspection and provide enhanced screening and oversight capability.


Our Research and Development teams have a long history of working on successful projects with public and private agencies. They continuously explore new ways to apply patented research to marketable products that compliment and enhance security. This has made Rapiscan Systems a trusted partner of government, university, and corporate customers and an industry leader in innovative solutions.



Through applied research, our technical staff is focused on the application and integration of technologies that meet or exceed our customer’s most demanding requirements. Rapiscan has field proven success in transitioning research to innovative commercial solutions across a multitude of product lines.



We are meeting tomorrow’s requirements today by building upon generations of leading-edge technology. Rapiscan has dedicated facilities focused on providing comprehensive research and development that result in the most advanced security products on the market.

The most effective means of ensuring successful implementation of screening systems is through training. Rapiscan Systems offers comprehensive training to complement small and large deployments of our solutions. 

Rapiscan Systems is a manufacturer and supplier of conveyor tramp metal detectors model Metcorr 117C and the Satmagan 135 Saturation Magnetization Analyzer for industrial and mining applications.

From major sporting franchises to governments around the world, Rapiscan’s extended reach and global support network have established the company as a leader in people screening solutions. In fact, whether you are looking for a robust and cost-effective metal detector, or need a system that is capable of detecting both metallic and nonmetallic contraband, Rapiscan has the right solution for any situation.

Rapiscan’s Metor Metal Detectors have been the go-to detectors since the 1960s. They offer reliability, ease-of-use, and superior detection, making them the preferred solution for a wide variety of people screening scenarios.

Our commitment to innovation in threat detection is also exemplified in our Secure 1000 full body scanners. Capable of detecting a wide range of threats (including metal, explosive, plastic, or ceramic), this next generation product represents the best in people screening technologies.

Metor Metal Detectors

From systems that comply with global aviation standards to fully weatherproof units that can be used outdoors, Rapiscan’s Metor Metal Detectors have been the industry gold standard for more than five decades. Whether you are looking to detect threats and contraband, or guarantee that valuable goods aren’t walking out the door with employees, Rapiscan offers an easy-to-deploy and cost effective solution to meet your needs.  

Rapiscan Secure 1000 Series

The Rapiscan Secure 1000 series is the solution of choice when comprehensive people screening for high security situations is needed.. Proven safe and reliable, the Secure 1000 is the most effective and widely deployed image-based people screening solution available, and has been successfully tested and accepted at military checkpoints, airports, and correctional facilities around the globe. 

Rapiscan MobileCheck

Rapiscan has you covered for those times when a temporary or semi-permanent security screening operation is needed . Rapiscan’s MobileCheck solutions offer all the advantages of our comprehensive screening solutions in easily deployable and relocatable containers. They’re ideal for scanning baggage or people at a large-scale event, such as a political convention or concert, or when you require a more comprehensive solution at a critical checkpoint, 

Attaining high-level 100% screening at multiple checkpoints is the mandate. Being in compliance now and in the future while also considering the costs takes an entirely new approach.

An S2 Global screening solution ensures customers can dramatically increase screening capabilities by always having the latest inspection technologies and techniques.

By focusing on delivering the highest level of screening in the most efficient way  the S2 Global screening model gives customers a cost effective avenue to focus their efforts on enforcing laws and collecting revenues otherwise missed by traditional screening solutions.

Minimal-to-No CAPEX

With an S2 Global security screening multi-year contract and low-to-no up front expenditures, the costs of deploying a screening operation is minimal.

One Vendor to Manage

An expert team handles all aspects of implementation and operation – including staff recruitment and training, screening and management.

The Latest Technology

The most current advanced screening technology and image analysis software is always integrated without the cost of upgrading.

Trained Personnel

Operators are trained using a proprietary system on image analysis, interpretation and detection on an ongoing basis to keep up with changes in screening techniques.

Maximum Uptime

A fast data infrastructure connecting inspection equipment and remote analysis centers ensures a maximum uptime of the entire screening operation.

Efficient, Cost-Effective Screening Operation

At the core of an S2 Global turn-key screening solution is the unique understanding of how an efficient operation can solve complex requirements for the partnering organization while being cost-effective.

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Rapiscan Systems cargo and vehicle inspection products have been deployed in a variety of government and private sector applications, winning out on the basis of their exceptional threat detection capabilities. Among other benefits -- such as speed, reliability, cost-effectiveness, and ease-of-use -- our cargo and vehicle inspection systems are also backed by an unparalleled global support network. All Rapiscan cargo and vehicle inspection products reflect our corporate commitment to excellence in imaging performance, design, ease-of-use and quality.  This commitment results in products that have best-in-class imaging, low cost of ownership, high reliability and high operator satisfaction. 

Rapiscan’s cargo and vehicle inspection systems are proven in challenging applications at seaports, border crossings and critical facilities around the world.  Inspectors use our superior images to combat smuggling and find hidden contraband, including explosives, weapons, narcotics and weapons of mass destruction.  Customers can choose products with unique features and scanners that operate in different modes to easily adapt to changing operational requirements.  With support from Rapiscan’s global service network, our cargo and vehicle inspection products deliver value to our customers from the first day of operation throughout their lifetime.

Additionally, as screening protocols in different countries continue to evolve in response to current events, Rapiscan's products and tools can evolve with changing needs. Scanners are mobile—they can move as security lines relocate. They come in many different sizes, to allow for small parcels and large, wrapped pallets, and even irregularly sized objects that don't fit in typical scanners. And Rapiscan is trusted; its aviation screening solutions have been approved by agencies in the United States, the UK, France and Canada.

Rapiscan goes beyond inspection. Our Advanced Technology Options, such as NARCScan, Target and Threat Image Protection all work with our devices to enhance screening effectiveness. We're working on ways to detect threats before they become problems to keep our airports, borders and buildings safer.

Air Cargo

Air cargo screening is now a requirement of governments around the world. With a wide range of screening systems, Rapiscan’s air cargo X-ray scanners provide screening solutions for all types of baggage and pallets. Additionally, Rapiscan’s screening solutions meet the largest global regulatory approvals for air cargo.


Rapiscan’s X-ray scanner provides quick and cost-effective screening of  baggage.


Checkpoint screening has expanded over the years to include airports, courthouses, government buildings and other high profile targets. Effectively scanning items for contraband without disrupting throughput is of the utmost importance. Rapiscan’s X-ray scanners provide a wide variety of options for checkpoints. All scanners have dual energy imaging by atomic number to help discriminate materials inside packages.

Large Parcel and Small Cargo

Whether at the airport or situations where scanning incoming parcels and small cargo loads is imperative, Rapiscan’s large parcel and small cargo X-ray scanners provide unobtrusive screening for explosives and narcotics.  Customs and border protection, ports and defense networks rely on the strength of our scanning systems.

Mail and Small Parcel

Whether providing security inspection solutions in government facilities or schools, hotels, convention centers or a variety of event-based security environments, Rapiscan’s mail and small parcel X-ray scanners provide compact, dual energy screening for small spaces.


Rapiscan’s MobileCheck scanning solutions combine state-of-the-art mobile X-ray screening units with additional units to provide "security screening in a box" for events, temporary building entrances and similar situations.

Pallet and Cargo

Designed to protect airborne cargo, Rapiscan’s large X-ray scanners provide dual energy screening without consuming a lot of power.

Our systems offer speed, with the capability of screening up to 1,800 bags per hour, and the flexibility to configure for different types of screening set-ups. Our high-quality imaging and intuitive software help resolve alarms quickly and effectively.

We've also revolutionized Computed Tomography (CT) technology found in hospitals and medical offices to bring our customers the next generation in explosives detection systems (EDS). We're proud of our Rapiscan Real Time Tomography (RTT) scanners that combine high speed, high resolution and low false alarms and show detailed 3D images of baggage. 

Multi-view X-ray

Hold baggage screening has to be efficient and incredibly accurate to service the gatekeepers of today's borders. Rapiscan’s multi-view X-ray scanner offers tailored installation and still meets rigorous ECAC and TSA standards.

Real Time Tomography

Until the Real Time Tomography (RTT) solutions were designed, aviation baggage screening systems were either fast and general (X-ray) or slow and detailed (CT). Rapiscan's RTT scanning solutions take the best of both solutions and improve it even further. The scanners are capable of screening between 1,500 and 1,800 bags per hour while accurately detecting threats (including LEDs) via detailed 3D images.

Rapiscan Systems' USA GSA Contract number is GS-07F-9429G

The information on this website contains general descriptions of products and services. Through continual product development, Rapiscan Systems reserves the right to change specifications without notification, please contact your sales representative for more information.