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Maintenance Certification Training

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Maintenance Certification Training

  • Rapiscan offers a variety of training options to meet your operational needs.
  • Types of Training
    • Supervisor
    • Standard Operator
    • Software Features

Maintenance Certification Training

    • Rapiscan has multiple service strategies throughout the world. Regardless of the location Rapiscan certified maintenance technicians have the same competency by being certified to our organization’s requirements. After completing the training course, the technicians are required to pass a comprehension and applied (real-life) troubleshooting test to be deemed certified.
    • List of Type of Maintenance Training
      • Maintenance Technician
      • Technical Specialist
      • Radiation Safety Training

    Online Maintenance Recertification Courses

    • Prerequisite: In order to be eligible to take a specific online recertification the technician must have attended a classroom course, passed both a practical and written exam to achieve certification on maintenance of that specific piece of equipment, and maintained| continuous active certification.
    • Requests : All requests for recertification can be sent to Please include the technician names and specific recertification(s) they wish to complete. A Rapiscan representative will verify eligibility for recertification and issue a quote. Once payment is received, the technicians will receive confirmation emails with the link(s) to their online courses.

    Available Maintenance Recertification Courses

    • 500 Series 620XR/XRW 620DV ATU 620DV AT2 AirCargo (632/638XR-DV) Secure 1000 WTMD 200,300 * Currently MVXR and XRH maintenance recertification are available in classroom only.

Training Execution Option: In-Class vs CBT Training

  • State of the Art Training Facility with actual systems!
  • Computer Based Training: Online computer-based maintenance training courses are cost effective and assess the proficiency on various Rapiscan products.