Utilizing Rapiscan DARC Alarm for Enhanced Air Cargo Screening

September 11, 2015


Recently, the EU amended its aviation security regulations to require that X-ray based, security-screening equipment provide a visual indication when the X-rays cannot penetrate a high-density object.  Contraband may be concealed within or behind such objects. To meet those standards Rapiscan Systems developed an enhanced screening algorithm known as “DARC Alarm.”

DARC Alarm, which stands for Dense Area Recognition Capability, is a new software feature designed to search for objects of high density.  When found, DARC Alarm is designed to alert operators with a yellow circle around the area of high density, allowing operators to focus on high-density objects early in the screening process.

This software upgrade is currently available with Rapiscan’s 627DV-160, 632DV-200, and 638DV-200 systems.


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