Reinforcing Nuclear Security with Technology Advancements

April 14, 2016

The risk that nuclear or other radioactive material could be used in criminal or intentional unauthorized acts remains a matter of concern internationally and continues to be regarded as a threat to international security. Nuclear security capabilities to detect and respond to nuclear or other radioactive material require continuous improvement to effectively deal with an evolving threat. Rapiscan Systems was proud to participate in the International Atomic Energy Agency’s (IAEA) efforts to advance radiation detection capabilities by facilitating dialogue between member states and vendors to promote a more effective and sustainable nuclear security regime.

From 4-8 April 2016 in Vienna, Austria, Rapiscan participated in the IAEA’s Technical Meeting (TM) on Radiation Detection Instruments for Nuclear Security: Current Status, Future Needs, and Improvements. The TM hosted over 100 participants from 53 member state as well as approximately 50 representatives from 25 vendors. This event provided Rapiscan the opportunity to brief the IAEA and international community on its new radiation detection product line development, interact directly with partners and colleagues, hear valuable insights regarding the direction of U.S. detection efforts and learn of the IAEA’s upcoming portable devices test campaign.

The TM brought together an international community of experts in and users of radiation detection instruments along with equipment manufacturers. Discussions focused on the current status of radiation detection equipment, improvements needed for existing technology, and future functional and technical specifications to achieve more effective use and application of instruments in the detection of nuclear and other radioactive material out of regulatory control. The audience included customs and border guard agencies, regulatory bodies, emergency services, police, technical support personnel, and vendors. To help address end user needs, Rapiscan builds into its radiation detection product line mobile, transportable, and modular qualities to facilitate the operation and maintenance of equipment.

Read more about developments on the IAEA website.

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