Rapiscan® Systems Demonstrates Commitment to Aviation Security with Recent Technology Investments

October 05, 2017

To keep pace with the rapidly increasing number of global travelers, and a heightened global threat climate, airports are consistently looking for ways to improve performance and security.

At Rapiscan® Systems we rely not only on our significant industry experience but also the insights we gain from our customers, to make decisions about our technology and services that achieve that goal. As a result, in the past year, we have invested heavily in the areas we are confident will have the most impact in strengthening our customers’ most critical security needs.

Most recently, we added the Rapiscan TRS® to our strong portfolio of aviation security products in response to a consistently growing number of global travelers per year. This automated tray return system was designed to increase passenger flow and improve the overall passenger experience at the checkpoint. TRS® has proved invaluable in increasing operational efficiency by reducing manual staff handling and enabling passenger data collection for risk assessments. Learn more about the TRS® here.

In 2017, we acquired a full portfolio of trace detection solutions that perfectly complements our current operational offerings. With this new line of trace detection technology, airports, borders and any public venues will be able to identify a wide range of explosives and narcotics, faster and more efficiently than ever before. The portfolio includes six solutions to fit any situation and complete any security infrastructure. See the full line of these products and features here.

As is consistent with this industry, the rise of modern technology has prompted a migration towards more advanced solutions. As a result, airports around the world are looking to modernize legacy CT scanning technology and implement real-time tomography for hold baggage screening.  This innovative solution to security screening has proven to lower operational costs, increase throughput and security, and better equip airports for their future needs. Our latest RTT™110 has a unique stationary gantry design and high-resolution imaging technology capable of processing 1,800 bags per hour, to improve operational efficiency and security. Get more information about the RTT™110’s latest features here.

At Rapiscan® Systems we know that having the best technology means nothing without also having the highest global certifications and regulatory approvals. For that reason, we’re proud to say that our technology is some of the most qualified in the industry for deployment in airports around the world, with certifications and approvals including but not limited to U.S. TSA, ECAC/EU, France Civil Aviation Authority (STAC), U.K Department for Transport (DfT), Japan Civil Aviation Bureau (JCAB), Italy ENAC, and the Airport Authority of India (AAI).

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