The Secure 1000: The World’s Leading Advanced Personnel Screening Solution

Deployed and tested in airports, as well as by law enforcement, homeland security and military organizations worldwide, Rapiscan Systems’ family of Secure 1000 personnel screening products are the most proven, widely used and accepted advanced whole body imaging systems available today. It has been approved for use by multiple regulators, including the US Transportation Security Administration and the United Kingdom Department for Transport. The Secure 1000 can reveal threats concealed on a person’s body that other technologies, such as metal detectors, cannot. The Secure 1000 can reveal even very small quantities of liquid explosives, non-metallic weapons, and plastic explosives, making it ideal for aviation security applications.

How Does It Work?

A narrow pencil tip sized beam is directed toward subject, X-rays are backscattered from subject to detectors which receive the backscatter signal or X-ray reflectance. In this manner, the backscatter signal of each point on the body is measured and recorded in the digital computer.