• Easy to Operate

  • High through-put

  • Battery backup provides 8 hours of operation during a power outage

  • Sensitivity adjustable to minimize false alarms.

  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor applications

Different pillar spacing for specific applications

Gamma and Neutron Radiation Detection Options

Remote oversight

The two pillars of the TSA PM700 house the radiation detectors and electronics, including the system controller and occupancy sensors. Operating parameters are easily input with the touchpad on the controller. Power and data cables between the pillars are contained in overhead conduits. A rechargeable backup battery supports 8 hours of operation if the main AC power fails. A light indicates a tamper or fault condition.

The TSA PM700 continuously measures the background radiation and signals background alarm conditions. When the occupancy sensors detect a person approaching the monitor, it automatically switches to inspection mode. Radiation alarms are signaled with a flashing light and loud sound. The IP65 rating enables operation in a wide range of environments.

The TSA PM700 is available with PVT gamma radiation detectors and optional B10 or He-3 neutron detectors. Radiation detection performance meets the requirements of ANSI N42.35 and IEC 62244. SNM detection capability complies with ASTM C1169 for detecting HEU and Pu-239.

The TSA PM700 is compatible with Rapiscan remote oversight devices, which enable the radiation inspection operation to be overseen from a remote facility. The TSA AM270 local alarm box signals alarms in a nearby guard booth. The TSA RAVEN™ digital oversight system stores and displays inspection data and CCTV images obtained via a wired or wireless network.