• Alarm Classification Discriminates NORM

  • Alarm Identification Identifies Likely Isotope

  • Automated Inspection Enhancements

  • Options Available with Rapiscan Vehicle Radiation Monitors

Alarm Classification
Alarm Classification technology uses enhanced electronics and Rapiscan® Systems proprietary software to distinguish and suppress alarms due to NORM. As a result, it minimizes time and effort wasted on evaluating nuisance alarms.

Alarm Identification
Alarm Identification technology uses sodium iodide gamma detectors and Rapiscan® Systems proprietary software to identify the likely radioactive material that caused an alarm during radiation inspection. It automatically finds radioactive material threats, including Special Nuclear Materials and medical and industrial isotopes that can be used in a dirty bomb. Alarm identification reduces the need for a secondary inspection to identify radioactive materials.

Radiation Inspection Operation
The Alarm Characterization technology is fully compatible with Rapiscan® Systems vehicle radiation monitors, which have been proven during years of reliable operation worldwide. The addition of this technology offers the practical benefit of decreasing the time and cost of vehicle radiation inspection. Operators require no special technical expertise to interpret the inspection results, which are displayed on easy to use Rapiscan remote alarm devices.