People Screening

Once reserved for access to secure areas, people screening has become so commonplace it is now enforced not only at airports, government and corrections facilities but also at stadiums, movie theaters, cruise ships, and elsewhere.

From major sporting franchises to governments around the world, Rapiscan’s extended reach and global support network have established the company as a leader in people screening solutions. In fact, whether you are looking for a robust and cost-effective metal detector, or need a system that is capable of detecting both metallic and nonmetallic contraband, Rapiscan has the right solution for any situation.

Rapiscan’s Metor Metal Detectors have been the go-to detectors since the 1960s. They offer reliability, ease-of-use, and superior detection, making them the preferred solution for a wide variety of people screening scenarios.

Our commitment to innovation in threat detection is also exemplified in our Secure 1000 full body scanners. Capable of detecting a wide range of threats (including metal, explosive, plastic, or ceramic), this next generation product represents the best in people screening technologies.

Metor Metal Detectors

From systems that comply with global aviation standards to fully weatherproof units that can be used outdoors, Rapiscan’s Metor Metal Detectors have been the industry gold standard for more than five decades. Whether you are looking to detect threats and contraband, or guarantee that valuable goods aren’t walking out the door with employees, Rapiscan offers an easy-to-deploy and cost effective solution to meet your needs.  

Rapiscan Secure 1000 Series

The Rapiscan Secure 1000 series is the solution of choice when comprehensive people screening for high security situations is needed.. Proven safe and reliable, the Secure 1000 is the most effective and widely deployed image-based people screening solution available, and has been successfully tested and accepted at military checkpoints, airports, and correctional facilities around the globe. 

Rapiscan MobileCheck

Rapiscan has you covered for those times when a temporary or semi-permanent security screening operation is needed . Rapiscan’s MobileCheck solutions offer all the advantages of our comprehensive screening solutions in easily deployable and relocatable containers. They’re ideal for scanning baggage or people at a large-scale event, such as a political convention or concert, or when you require a more comprehensive solution at a critical checkpoint,