• High Sensitivity

  • Lightweight and Easy to Use

  • Backpack design allows the use of both hands

Wireless data transmission

Battery backup provides 16 hours of continuous operation

Gamma and Optional Neutron Radiation Detection
The MP100 uses commercial-off-the-shelf, field-proven electronics and detection technology. The PVT plastic scintillator gamma radiation detectors are designed to deliver enhanced directional sensitivity.  Optional neutron detection capability employs B10 neutron detectors, which replace scarce and expensive He3 detectors. Both gamma and neutron radiation detection performance meet the requirements of ANSI N42.53.

Easy to Use Operation
Using the MP100 is as easy as walking.  The Rapiscan® Systems Radviewer™ Android App or TSA KCLOE™ displays the current position and direction toward the radiation source.  A radiation alarm is signaled audibly via a headphone jack on the backpack or visually via Radviewer™.  The onboard battery enables 16 hours of continuous operation in a wide range of environments.  The MP100 can also be used as a static area monitor.

Proven Radiation Inspection Technology
The MP100 is manufactured by Rapiscan® Systems' Radiation Detection Products division, which has supplied thousands of radiation monitors that are deployed at border crossings, seaports, airports and facilities around the world.  The MP100 applies proven Rapiscan® Systems design principles and technology to a practical, high performance man-portable radiation detection solution.