• World’s 1st simultaneous dual-mode trace detector

  • Can detect a wide range of targeted substances

  • Results in as little as 8 seconds

  • Easy to learn and operate

  • Expandable libraries

  • A comprehensive archive of saved data and alarm files

60 minute battery backup

Portable & Versatile

Swipe or Vacuum

Ease of Use


Traditional IMS instruments operate in either positive or negative mode, but not both modes simultaneously.
While negative mode operation detects the majority of explosives, certain explosives are detected in positive mode. Therefore to rule out the presence of all explosives, conventional IMS detectors require operators to sample and test using two separate detectors.

The Itemiser® 3 Enhanced was designed with portability and flexibility in mind. This unit offers a compact footprint, folding touch screen, easy-carrying handle, a 60-minute battery backup, and the potential to be relocated quickly.

  • • Particle swipe: Reusable sample traps are swiped across a surface and then inserted into the Itemiser® 3 Enhanced for analysis. Typical surfaces include baggage, cargo, vehicles, containers, tickets, and ID cards.
  • • Optional vacuum sampling: An optional vacuum sampler draws vapors into a sponge-like sample trap, which is then inserted into the Itemiser® 3 Enhanced for analysis. Applications include cargo containers, car trunks, and luggage.

Results require minimal interpretation, so operators may concentrate on obtaining a good sample. Itemiser® 3 Enhanced’s onboard computer automatically handles all data logging, including time, date, and sample analysis for each alarm. A complete history of saved data and alarm files can be recalled and printed at any time.

Patented ITMS™ technology helps increase ion population, enabling detection of microscopic traces of explosives and narcotics.
Patented switching mechanism simultaneously detects positive and negative ions, enabling the detection of a broad range of explosives, while also detecting narcotics.


  • Remote monitoring capable.
  • Detects both explosives and narcotics.
  • Semi-permeable membrane excludes dust and dirt to allow continued operation in environments that have high traffic, humidity or contamination.
  • Expandable libraries to accommodate unique user requirements.
  • Three default user levels (operator, maintenance and administrator) for greater access control.