• Dense Object Detection Alert
  • Baggage and Parcel Inspection Systems

Density Threat Alert (DTA) visually highlights high absorbing materials on the screen. A user defined threshold causes a visible alarm when an object exceeds the specified density. This feature can prevent opaque items from escaping search.
DTA is a real-time function that doesn’t require the operator to stop the conveyor and prolong the evaluation time. It also does not require any operator image manipulation and processing.
The DTA function prompts a visible alarm on the screen in the form of blinking shaded magenta.
The absorption threshold and frequency of blinking alarm are programmable parameters and can easily be adjusted by the supervisor.
DTA simultaneously functions with Threat Image Projection (TIP) and Target™ (explosives detection alert) and NARCScan™ (narcotics detection alert).

Detection alert of highly dense objects
Highly visible on-screen flashing of dense items
Real time detection without the need to stop the conveyor
Simultaneous functionality with TIP, Target™ and NARCScan™
Available on all Rapiscan Systems’ 600 series X-ray systems

Assists operators in identifying objects that otherwise be missed
Increases visibility to the operator of highly dense items
Improved security by assisting operator to identify explosives and other contraband that may be otherwise covered or not easily visible
Increased throughput by accelerating the checking procedure
Increase and shift operator focus on passenger behavior from continuous monitoring the screen

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