Rapiscan 600DV CBT

Interactive training for the 600DV series of Baggage and Parcel Inspection products.
  • Computer Based Training
  • An Effective Solution for Training All Levels

The Rapiscan Computer Based Training (CBT) program for X-ray and backscatter products is PC based software used for effectively training personnel on the operation of the Rapiscan equipment. These interactive, self-paced programs contain a tutorial course and a system simulator. The representation of real-world threats is used to assist the operator in understanding the importance of careful examination of every item or person. All programs use our Adaptive Difficulty Engine (ADE) to assess an operator’s proficiency in core skill areas and then tailor exams to match aptitude levels.

Real-world threat scenarios
Self-paced courses
Evaluates and adapts to challenge operator’s skill level

Cost effective



  • Program
    Checkpoint Basic Training Software
  • Program
    Checkpoint Advanced Training Software
  • Course Option
    Tutorial Course Only
  • Course Option
    Tutorial Course & Simulator

With continual development of our products Rapiscan Systems reserves the right to amend specifications without notice. Product pictures are for general reference. Please note that due to US laws and regulations, not all Rapiscan products are available for sale in all countries without restriction. Please contact your Rapiscan Systems sales representative for more information.