Satmagan 135

Industrial instrument to measure the magnetite content in iron ore samples.

For over 40 years mining industry around the world has used Satmagan for analyzing mixtures of magnetic and non-magnetic components. Accurate analysis of ferro-magnetic compounds of iron such as magnetite is extremely difficult and time consuming by conventional chemical methods. Satmagan, on the contrary, is an easy and fast method of measuring the magnetic material content of the sample. The measuring time of the Satmagan 135 is only one minute with an accuracy of within 0.4%. Satmagan 135 is an ideal tool for optimizing the return of investment in your mining and other industrial operations.

Maximum Error: 0.4% of the measurement range (the result can be as good as 0.1%)
Analysis Time: roughly one minute
Two Ranges:
Low less than 50%
High more than 50 % with maximum error of 2.2%
Powder, Granular or Solid Samples Used For The Measurement
Stabilized For Voltage And Temperature

Analysis of magnetite in iron ores, concentrates and tailings
Control of copper and nickel smelting by analyzing magnetite and other ferromagnetic oxides in slag
Determination of martensite or ferrite in austenitic steels
Determination retained austenite in steels
Control of magnetizing roasting
Control of oxidizing roasting of carbonate ores
Controlling the heat hardening of pellets
Control of iron ore sintering


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