Metor 28

Hand-held metal detector with 3 sensitivity settings to detect all types of metal.
  • Unique Angled Design
  • Rugged Construction
  • Detects All Metals
  • Lightweight

Hand-held metal detectors are an integral part of the physical security screening process. With the Metor 28, we have designed a unit that benefits security personnel as well as the person being scanned. Our unique angled design allows you to thoroughly scan an individual, while keeping your hand away from their body.

Additional Benefits

* The circular opening assists in pinpointing metal objects
* Comfortable handle for easy control and grip
* Lightweight 260 g (9.3 oz.) with battery
* Wrist strap


Detects all metals, both ferrous and non-ferrous.


Three (3) sensitivity settings
Detection performance:

* Level 1: small handguns and knives
* Level 2: razor blades, handcuff keys
* Level 3:.22 caliber bullet, metal shanks


3-way push-button operation:


NiMH rechargeable battery or 9V alkaline battery.
Low battery indicator, both visual and audible.


Audible and visual alarm indication.
Optional Headset.

Rugged Construction

High impact resistant ABS case.


The Metor 28 is safe for people with pacemakers and will not affect magnetic recording media. The magnetic field strength of the Metor 28 meets with the limits set by international standards for human safety.


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