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Baggage Screening: The Key to More Efficient Airports?

July 06, 2015

More than 640 million domestic air passengers hoped for a timely departure in 2012, and yet few ever considered a key part of the security process that makes timely departures possible: screening of baggage that goes into the “hold” of…

Can Air Cargo Shipment Profiling Intercept Security Risks

July 06, 2015

AIR CARGO remains one of the most vulnerable and critical areas of aviation security today. It has been seven years since the US Congress passed the 9/11 Commission Act, which required the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to create a system capable of…

3 Key Factors for Effective Event Security Checkpoints

September 27, 2013

The 1996 Atlanta Olympics, the 2008 Sri Lanka Marathon, and most recently, the 2013 Boston Marathon. What once might have been isolated incidents has now become a trend, as major sporting events become go-to targets for terrorist organizations. With constant…

Radiation Detection: The Achilles Heel of the Modern Port?

July 06, 2015

No modern port underestimates the importance of cargo screening – from weapons and narcotics interdiction to customs enforcement to early detection of potential terrorist threats, screening inbound cargo containers is a necessary task.  But the threat climate facing ports is not static,…

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