Is Six Percent Low Enough?

September 19, 2011

According to the Centers for Disease Control in 2009 six percent of high school students reported carrying a weapon to school at least once during the preceding 30 days. On the surface this number may not seem too like too much cause for concern. However when multiplied by the almost 16.5 million secondary students in the United States that year (according to the US Census Bureau) that means nearly a million weapons entered high schools in a one month period. Assuming that the six percent statistic holds steady, as it has since 2003, there are still too many weapons making it into American schools.

There is no panacea to solve the problem, but the right combination of personnel, training and technology can significantly reduce the threat. In order to help schools address this significant issue, Rapiscan is introducing its Secure Learning Program at ASIS International this week in Orlando. Our goal is to help schools create a safe learning environment. Our solution is a mix of technologies that detect weapons before they enter the classroom. We also understand that budgets being what they are right now, implementing a solution quickly – and affordably - may seem like an impossible task. To address these concerns we have established new affordable financing programs that enable administrators to deploy the technology immediately and remain on budget.

If school safety is your responsibility and you plan on being at the conference, please stop by booth 1431 to speak with us.

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