Rapiscan Systems is Proud to Support the Find A Better Way Charity

March 28, 2012 Stoke-on-Trent, UK

 The Power of One


Footballing legend, Sir Bobby Charlton is challenging conventional thinking to come up with a better way to rid the world of landmines.


In his first filmed interview since the launch of his new charity, Find A Better Way, Sir Bobby gives an emotional account of how the sight of seeing children not being able to play football due to the loss of limbs from unexploded landmines, led him to question what was being done about the problem.


In the film, Sir Bobby talks passionately about his love of football and draws on similarities with the charity he founded. “I love my football and I wouldn’t miss it for anything, but I do get wrapped up in this project. Unfortunately if you want to have a really good football team you have to have money and it’s the same with Find A Better Way,” he explains.


Sir Bobby explains how, following trips to Bosnia, Cambodia and Vietnam, where he witnessed first hand the devastation unexploded landmines cause to local communities, he galvanised a group of local experts to challenge the current estimate of 1,000 years needed to find and detect unexploded landmines.


The result has seen some of the brightest minds in the industry join forces. Experts such as mine advisory group, MAG and security scanning specialists, Rapiscan, as well as Manchester and Lancaster Universities are now all working together to find new and innovative solutions to speed up and improve the process of landmine detection.


It’s an inspirational story of how one man’s skills and organisation once used so brilliantly on the football pitch is now being used to help others.


The film can be viewed on youtube.com through this link:


Sir Bobby’s Charity Find A Better Way www.findabetterway.org.uk


Rapiscan Systems is proud to support the Find A Better Way Charity


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